Rethink Architecture.


Rethink Architecture.


Rethink Architecture.

Bali Architecture is a Bali based architecture firm doing stuff differently.
Our ethos is to be unique, original, daring, different.
Nothing is too crazy!

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Bingin Development

Bingin’s Development aims to create a legacy that values long-term benefits over short-term gains.

Jalan B. Houses

A series of 4 Houses designed for 4 french friends that want to share the same summer vacation spot but also enjoy the privacy of a home.

Neo Babakan

A renovation project that can be applied on almost any traditional housing structure, enabling the retrofitting of unused land plots and abandoned building in premium areas.

Villa Pecatu

Two concrete Villas that can act as the mirror and contrast to each other. The first is a rock embedded in the ground. Firm and solid.

Wolf & Hudson Villa

This project is aimed at creating two villas that are versatile enough to be rented on Airbnb, for the second villa is used for personal purposes and is easy to sell in the future.

Kedungu Project – All In One Area

Real estate & co is creating a multi-functional space that includes a cafe, coworking space, market, and shops all in one location. The design is inspired by “easy-to-extend” and “easy-to-stack” principles.

Habitat Development

The natural environment for the social human being is the public space ( something Bali desperately lacks). The main purpose of this project is to develop two different typologies in one residential unit.

Sirene Franchise

Keeping the soul of your business in multiple points of sale is a tough job. And we did it.


Would you believe your next burger is gonna arrive from the sky on a transparent slider?


Pink Floyd without the Pink is just Floyd. Boring. When color becomes the identity.

Whatafuck II

The emancipation from a burger joint to your favourite hang out

Ananã Tiki Bar

Where the Exotic becomes Local, a new architecture emerges.


When your bank opens a semi public gathering space.


Interior design. Private library.

Pivot Apartment

Make the best out of a small space. Transform the walls into doors. Be creative.


Once a façade always a façade.


Coffee shop interior design. Even built stools!

Melo Villa

Young brazilian couple villa concept.

Doc’s House

Doctor's house concept in the making.

Ethnos Clinic

Inclusive design requires an inclusive architecture.

Lingerie Boutique

Lingerie shop interior design.


Detail becomes the whole. Ju-Jitsu dojo.

Neuroscience Pavilion

By morphing with its context, the adaptability of an object becomes a pedagogical instrument.


All day breakies is that vegan restaurant's entire concept.

Garage House

Do cars drive us around or do we drill holes in the ground for petrol to feed them?