The culture of street food arrives in Curitiba. a population used to the comfort of their own houses and offices, search for a non-common place, more laid-back and without pretensions.

01- using the sidewalk
with a ground floor area of 25m2 and a plan with a lot of limitations to accommodate a restaurant, the move of opening the facade and the positioning of the counter to the front of the building becomes necessary.

02 - sell through the window
The connection with the street feeds with ease 500 consumers in the sidewalk, generating an intense urban life.

03 - tobogã / digital fabrication
To make the transportation of up to 1.000 burgers daily feasible, from the kitchen on the second floor to the counter, a curvilinear toboga honors the expression that gives the place its name.

In its tiny interior there are 4 tables connected by a continuous bench where wouldn't fit more than 16 people. The dialog of the cork and the aluminium - warm/cold , soft/hard, opaque/reflective, craftsmanship.industrial - aims to put away the place from any memory of the everyday tradition.

Area: 54 m2
Year: 2016
Location: Curitiba, Paraná
Authors: Gabriela Alarcon, Humberto Carta, Lucas Issey e Pedro Sunyé

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