Lingerie Boutique


To hide and to reveal
When selling becomes present, designing a store gains another connotation.

Day / Night // Store/ Catwalk
The free space transforms itself in a catwalk, fitting rooms become dressing-rooms, showcases are stools for the expectators and the experience of shopping becomes one of gathering.

Lingeries are exclusive pieces that demand time and privacy for their choosing and appreciation. The details of the space reflect themselves in the pieces to find delicacy and sensuality.

Area: 999 m2
Location: Curitiba - PR
Authors: isadora isfer, guilherme schimitt, lucas issey e pedro sunye
Team: Brunno Douat, Isadora Isfer

Lingerie botique 1
Lingerie botique 2
Lingerie botique 3
Lingerie botique 4
lingerie gallery 2
lingerie gallery 1
lingerie gallery animation