Kedungu Project – All In One Area


Real estate & co is creating a multi-functional space that includes a cafe, coworking space, market, and shops all in one location. The design is inspired by “easy-to-extend” and “easy-to-stack” principles.

Sounds like a good idea isn’t it?
The building can be easily expanded or modified in the future, with the potential for a second-floor apartment and a rooftop area on the third floor.

There is more, to create a modern and inviting atmosphere, the design will use strong and lightweight perforated steel plates to allow natural light and air flow atmosphere.

A versatile and visually pleasing multi-functional space that is flexible and adaptable to the needs of the community would make a valuable addition to the Kedungu area.

We can’t wait for this project to happen in real life! 😌

kedungu project all in one area 5
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