Habitat Development


The natural environment for the social human being is the public space ( something Bali desperately lacks). The main purpose of this project is to develop two different typologies in one residential unit.

Each unit has what we call the:

Oasis Typology – family units with 2 or 3 bedrooms with abundant garden. A cozy atmosphere designed to serve as homely setting for family activities
Rooftop Typology- single Bedroom units with its own private access from the common area leading to a spacious rooftop with a view and garden. Both units can be linked if necessary, creating a programatic flexibility.
We believe density shouldn’t compromise quality and comfort. Quite the opposite, it nourishes gathering spaces and social interactions. That’s why we designed a pathway packed with trees and benches, as a linear park, that both act as a meeting area and a buffer in between units.

In front, close to the balinese styled reception, we have a barbecue area with a public pool where everybody can enjoy a break from the touristic side of the island.

1. Habitat Floorplan Masterplan
2. Habitat Floorplan Ground floor
3. Habitat Floorplan Upper floor
4. Habitat Floorplan Rooftop